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Immigration Reform, the Reality Show.

I have an idea for a reality show. Send House Judiciary Committee to Guatemala, give them a Swiss Army Knife, a scapular and an empty bottle of Gatorade. They will have to start their journey in Tapachula, Chiapas; survive “The Maras” (military trained gangsters, US tax funded, School of the Americas, I mean, congress funded so, they might know this guys right?) anyhow, after they survive Tapachula, they need to take “The Beast” infamous train that usually derails and it’s infested with more gangs and “The Zetas” Cartel (another military trained group, also School of the Americas, Fort Benning, Georgia) where 1/3 of migrant women get raped. Every 100 miles, you need to bribe a Mexican authority, from municipal police, to ironically Immigration officers. I don’t care where you have to hide the money, usually US$4000, that’s part of the game. After a long journey, hopefully without a hurricane or one of those fun Veracruz storms. Because crossing the river is such a cliche, and who wants to visit Texas, Congressional Members will have to take a bus to Ciudad Juarez, without any identification, they might have to bribe more authorities. 
Once Congress survivors arrive to their almost final destination, they will have to find a motel, again without any identification, almost out of money and demoralized. The players will have to contact a Coyote, hopefully a good one who really knows his shit (it’s always a He) 
Wait for the right moment, if the Coyote runs away with your money, well then that congressional person is out of the game, thank you for participating. You finally get to cross the border, the wall Congress funded (wasted money on), players realize you can still cross that border sometimes even with a King Size Mattress, then fun starts dodging drones, K-9 units, border patrol, National Guard. If “La Migra” gets you, you will spend few nights, or months in a private prison you also funded, or helped your friends built, no attorney, no phone, no water, no air conditioner. Remember, it’s the dessert, and you have to walk for days, it might be 110F at day and drop to 40F during the night, and no, no cream for your sensitive skin is allowed. 
Hiding from black pick-up trucks full of racist vigilantes heavily armed might be a wise idea. Also, careful with that snake. 
You can trust those bottles of water left in the desert by “samaritans” it might be water, it might be vinegar. 
Welcome to America Judiciary Committee. You win the reality show, sadly you still have to wait in the back of the line that doesn’t exist because you have chosen not to create one for people outside of the fence you built. 
You may have to think of how to survive a shame/blame culture too
Protip, after this journey, you can talk about a Comprehensive Immigration Reform.

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